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Lindberg´s music had plenty of colours and spunk...the lamentation of Lindberg´s score was memorable indeed.
The London Times

Not since the Vaughan-Williams´ tuba concerto has there been such beautiful melodic writing for a brass instrument
Chicago Sun Times

Lindberg underscored his credentials as a serious conductor with a barnstorming account of Sibelius´s Second Symphony...
The Guardian, London

You could stick a kazoo in his hands,
and he’d sell the concert hall out

The New York Times

Lindberg as a conductor was a tremendous experience. Nothing is left to chance in his hands.
Review German conducting dèbut Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie

He led a performance of Sibelius´ Second Symphony
that I never expect to hear bested

US conducting debut, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

…totally in harmony with Tchaikovsky´s own intention with neither excesses nor understatements, but with the passion always present.
Dagens Nyheter

Successful with restrained force, earnestness and psychological calculus, a masterful performance by the highly ambitious conductor Lindberg.
Südwestpresse, Stuttgart

Lindberg is an accomplished composer and the
Concerto was the highlight of the evening

World Premiére Tuba Concerto

He gives classical music a completely new face.
With the lightness of a ballet dancer he created a light,
crisp and fresh interpretation.

Conducting Debut Lahti Symphony Orchestra

The next time this marvel is in town, don´t stay away
The London Times

...a force of nature. His energy and enthusiasm are unrivaled and he understands how to establish an instant connection with an orchestra.
Hans Verbugt, Royal Flemish Philharmonic

His body language is part of his success…the car industry in Scandinavia might be in crisis, but when it comes to music can only say: Respect Old Swede!
Nürnberger Zeintung

C L International Solo Competition

The 3nd International Christian Lindberg on its way...

Christian Lindberg under negotiation about new competition
There are three organisations at the moment who are considering holding the 3rd edition of Christian Lindberg International Solo Competition. The three organisations wish to remain anonymous, but hopefully a new edition of th ecompetition can be announced during the autumn 2012, and be held spring 2014.

      The 2nd International Christian Lindberg Solo Competition 2008

Valencia(Paiporta), Spain 2-5 April 2008

 First Prize: Håkan Björkman, Solo Trombonist Chamber Orchestra of Europe
A CONN88H Lindberg model plus
plus concert performances with
Nordic Chamber Orchestra and Swedish Wind Ensemble plus 3 concerts in the Valencia region


The 1st International Christian Lindberg Solo Competition 2006
 Valencia(Paiporta), Spain 1-3 March 2006

 Winner: Frédèric Belli, Solo Trombone SWR Sinfonieorchester, Germany 

First Prize: Frédèric Belli, Solo Trombonist WDR Orchestra, Germany
A CONN88H Lindberg model plus
plus concert performances with
Nordic Chamber Orchestra and Swedish Wind Ensemble