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Lindberg´s music had plenty of colours and spunk...the lamentation of Lindberg´s score was memorable indeed.
The London Times

Not since the Vaughan-Williams´ tuba concerto has there been such beautiful melodic writing for a brass instrument
Chicago Sun Times

Lindberg underscored his credentials as a serious conductor with a barnstorming account of Sibelius´s Second Symphony...
The Guardian, London

You could stick a kazoo in his hands,
and he’d sell the concert hall out

The New York Times

Lindberg as a conductor was a tremendous experience. Nothing is left to chance in his hands.
Review German conducting dèbut Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie

He led a performance of Sibelius´ Second Symphony
that I never expect to hear bested

US conducting debut, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

…totally in harmony with Tchaikovsky´s own intention with neither excesses nor understatements, but with the passion always present.
Dagens Nyheter

Successful with restrained force, earnestness and psychological calculus, a masterful performance by the highly ambitious conductor Lindberg.
Südwestpresse, Stuttgart

Lindberg is an accomplished composer and the
Concerto was the highlight of the evening

World Premiére Tuba Concerto

He gives classical music a completely new face.
With the lightness of a ballet dancer he created a light,
crisp and fresh interpretation.

Conducting Debut Lahti Symphony Orchestra

The next time this marvel is in town, don´t stay away
The London Times

...a force of nature. His energy and enthusiasm are unrivaled and he understands how to establish an instant connection with an orchestra.
Hans Verbugt, Royal Flemish Philharmonic

His body language is part of his success…the car industry in Scandinavia might be in crisis, but when it comes to music can only say: Respect Old Swede!
Nürnberger Zeintung

Lindberg Video Clips

Video Diary Archive


Christian Lindberg Conductor

A description of Christian Lindberg Conductor as of August 2017

C.L. News And Tip no 1 for Trombonists, Conductors and Soloists

Christian Lindberg Video Diary February 2017

Lindberg conducts Arctic Philharmonic and Norrköpings Symphony, and composes Double Bass Concerto for Beethoven Orchester Bonn

video diary jan 2017


Christian Lindberg Video Diary Autumn 2016 and Trombone Tip no 15

Christian Lindberg conducts Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, Arctic Philharmonic Israel NK Orchestra and more

Christian Lindberg Video Diary Spring 216 and Trombone Tip no 14

Christian Lindberg conducts Liverpool Philharmonic, Bikent Symphony, Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Lithuanian National Orchestra and St John Smith Square Orchestra. Receives "International Classical Music Award 2016" Recital in Verona, and Black Hawk Eagle with Roland Pöntinen

Christian Lindberg Trombone Tip no 13 and Video Diary Autumn 2015

How to learn flight of the bumblebee on trombone, Christian Lindberg conducts Royal Flemish Philharmonic, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic, Royal Northern Sinfonia wirh Karen Cargill, Västerås Sinfonietta with Jonas Lindeborg, Taipei Symphony Orchestra with Öystein Baadsvik and Roland Pöntinen, Högberg Trombone Concerto with Nils Landgren.

Christian Lindberg Trombone Tip no 12 and Video Diary Spring 2015

Christian Lindberg Trombone Tip no 11 and Video Diary Winter 2015

Christian Lindberg conducting Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, Arctic Philharmonic, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Israel Netanya Chamber Orchestra, Linköping Symphony Orchestra, Jenaer Philharmon

Trombone Tip no 10 and Video Diary Late Autumn 2014

Christian Lindberg conducting Ulster Orchestra, Zürich Opera Orchestra, Arcitc Philharmonic Orchestra, Lithuanian National Philharmonic and Virtuosi Symphony Orchestra, Recife

Trombone Tip no 9 and Video Diary Early Autumn 2014

Lindberg conducts RTÉ National Orchestra of Ireland, Norwegian Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra at Beethovenfest, Pettersson 13 with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Tangophoria, and Valudden Triathlon, Trombone tip no 9

Christian Lindberg Flashes from Spring 2014

Lindberg conducts Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Royal Flemish Philharmonic, Sönderjylland Symphony Orchestra, Nordic Chamber Orchestra and much more!

Christian Lindberg Trombone Tip no 8 and Video Diary Late Autumn 2013

Stunning reviews for Lindberg´s Tchaikovsky 5, Lindberg conducts Beethoven, Sibelius and Lindberg in Hong Kong, Lindberg conducts Stravinsky, de Falla and Lindberg in Mexico, Lindberg/Lundberg/Pöninen plays Piazzolla, Lindberg conducts Pettersson in Norrköping

Christian Lindberg Video Diary Early Autumn 2013

Lindberg conducts Beethoven orchester, Bonn, in Surgut Siberia and Linköping Wind Ensemble

Christian Lindberg Trombone tip no 6 and Video Diary Late Spring 2013

Lindberg conducts Sibelius 2 in Melbourne, PAC Orchestra in Japan, Düsseldorfer Symphoniker, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, Västerås Sinfonietta, Royal Flemish Philharmonic, plays Berio with Zubin Mehta and holding his first conducting masterclass

Christian Lindberg Video Diary Jan-Feb 2013

Content in this diary: Christian Lindberg Trombone tip no 5 and Christian Lindberg conducting Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra in Wagner Meistersinger, Sibelius 1st symphony and Lindberg´s Panda in Love, Lindberg conducts Lapland Chamber Orchestra in Xenakis, Mozart, Sandström and Lindberg, Lindberg conducts Irish National Orchestra in music by Lindberg and Sandström

Nov-Dec 2012

Content in this diary: Lindberg conducts Sibelius 5 with Orquesta Nacional de Brazil. conducts and records Pettersson Symphony no 9, conducts Prokoview Classical Symphony and Mendelssohn "Die Schöne Melusine", Lindberg Ero Arctica and David Trombone Concerto, work in progress: Clarinet Concerto "The Erratic Dreams of Mr Grönstedt. Trombone tip no 4

Sept-Oct 2012

Content: In this diary Lindberg conducts Stuttgart Radio Orchestra in Britten, Lindberg and Ginastera, Ulster Orchestra in Sibelius, Lindberg, Nielsen, Grieg, Mozart and Panufnik, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra in Dvorak, Sandström and Britten, Madrid Radio Orchestra and Spanish Brass, FMKV Bergen orchestra and Gävle Sympony Orchestra

August 2012

Content: Lindberg signs new contract with Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, conducts Dvorak 9, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto and Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen Boreas Sings. Valuddenloppet and Crayfish Party

June & July 2012

Content: Lindberg conducts his own 45 minute long dramatic work Dawn at Galamanta  in City of London Festival, He also conducts his pieces OF BLOOD SO RED for orchestra and  ERO ARCTICA for trombone and strings in Riga. Also, the first chapter in Trombone Tip of the Month and working together with clarinet virtuoso Emil Jonason on his clarinet concerto for Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

April & May 2012

Content: Lindberg conducts Royal Stockholm Philharmonic in the world premiére of his own piece Lightning over Kythnos and Tchaikovsky Symphony no 5,  Puccini´s La Bohéme throughout Norway, conducts and play as Artist in Residence in Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, conducts and plays his own Kundraan and Bizet Symphony in C with The Swedish Chamber Orchestra

March 2012

Content: Lindberg conducts Nielsen, Sibelius and Grieg with Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, plays and conducts Sandström Echoes of Eternity with same orchestra, Lindberg conducts Berwald and Tchaikovsky in Palau de la Musica, Barcelona

February 2012

Content: Lindberg conducts Simon Bolivar Orchestra A in his own Waves of Wollongong for 9 trombones and orchestra, Sibelius Symphony no 2, plays Leopold Mozart Concerto and conducts masterclasses and solo a recital in Caracas.

January 2012

Lindberg works on his Lighning over Kythnos with Stockholm Philharmonic, conducts Tchaikovsky and Ness Tuba Concerto with Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, plays David and Motorbike Concerto with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, recording of Allan Petterson Symphony no 6.

December 2011

Content: Lindberg conducts his Viola Concerto Steppenwolf, plays his pieces with Hannover Trombone Unit, Frederic Belli plays Lindberg´s Gipsy Kingdom with Sao Paulo String Quartet Lindberg in Brazil djungle, plays Xenakis Troorkh with Porto Symphony Orchestra and take a swim new years eve in Baltic Sea, Lindberg plays his own Ero Arctica with Virtuoso String Ensemble in Brazil.

November 2011

Content: Lindberg conducts the Premiere of his piece Troorkh in Memoriam commissioned by Hessische Rundfunk, Frankfurt, plays and conduct his own Mandrake in the Corner, Alfvén and Stravisnky in Oslo and wins Clef D´Or in France for Pettersson Symphony no 1 and 2.

October 2011

Lindberg conducts National Orchestra of Brazil in Sibelius 2, Copland Fanfare and his own Kundraan, Odense Symphony Orchestra in Stenhammar Excelsior!, Alfvén Symphony no 4 and his own Viola Concerto Steppenwolf and conducts World Premiere of his Saxophone Concerto Creeping out of the Muddeddd in Bergen plus Bygdin by Geir Jonsson and Ruben Sverre Gjertsen Postheroic Fanfares.

September 2011

Lindberg receives stunning reviews for CD:s of Sandström, Pettersson and Olsen, conducts Bernstein, Lindberg and Gershwin on tour with Remix Orchestra, opens season with Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra in Eliasson´s Trombone Concerto, and presents his embryos of Lightning over Kythnos commissioned by Stockholm Philharmonic.

August 2011

Content: Lindberg works on his Saxophone Concerto with Ole Henrik Mohn-Pettersson, and his Viola Concerto with Rafael Altino , Crayfish Party at Valudden with Valuddenloppet, beginning work on Clarinet Concerto with Emil Jonason

July 2011

Content: Lindberg´s debut album with Arctic Philharmonic receives stunning reviews, on Holiday in the Arctics, release of the Solo CD A Lindberg Extravaganza, and holiday at Valudden, presenting 2011-12 season.

April - June 2011

Content: Lindberg plays with Takemitsu and Sandström with Concertgebouw Orchestra, on tour to Greece and Cyprus with Musica Vitae and Barbara Hendricks, conducting his Brainrubbish in Lima Peru, his piece Memories from a Cloud in Amsterdam, his Timpani Concerto Octavia in Stockholm, an all Tchaikovsky programme with Iceland Symphony Orchestra, conducting Sibelius 2 and his own Kundraan´s Karma with Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Sibelius 3rd in Wales and conducting masterclassis in Arizona and Wales. Also conducting Bernstein On the Waterfront and Sibelius 1 with Porto Symphony Orchestra

March 2011

Content: Lindberg conducts Dvorak New World Symphony and Sandström Echoes of Eternity with Teneriffe SymphonyOrchestra, Tchaikovsky 6 with Nurnberger Symfoniker, his own Tuba Concerto Panda in Love, De Falla and Turina on tour with Vasterås Sinfonietta, his own ASA for trombone electric violin, harpsichord  and strings

January & February 2011

Content: Lindberg conducts his Kundraan´s Karma, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Tarrodi, Haydn and Kosviner at Cape Town Festival, on tour with Arctic Philharmonic and Barbara Hendricks, recording Ole Olsen Symphony no 1, Trombone Concerto Aasgaardsreien, conducting irish National Orchestra in Sibelius 5, Weber Oberon Overture and Echoes of Eternity. Solo Recital in Dublin.

December 2010

Content: Lindberg on tour with Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra in China conducting Tchaikovsky, Olsen, Grieg, Mozart, and Strauss

November 2010

Content: Lindberg on tour in St Petersburg with Arctic Philahrmonic Orchestra, Lindberg receives Opus Artist ofh the Year Award, Lindberg conducting Romeo and Juliet, Lindberg Brainrubbish and Brahms Double Concerto in Rumania

October 2010

Lindberg conducting Francesca da Rimini Grieg Symphonic Dances and Helikon Wasp with Wurtemberg Symphony Orchestra, conducts Royal Flemish Orchestra in Prokoviev, Lindberg and Sibelius, his own Ero Arctica(soloist Håkan Björkman) Nielsen and Grieg with Tromsö Chamber Orchestra. Also conducting masterclasses and recitals in Arctic Trombone Festival

September 2010

World Premiere of Lindberg Memories from a Cloud for Stockholm Chamber Brass, conducting Bernstein, Piazzolla, Ginastera and Stravinsky with Noord Nederland Orkest, conducting Swedish Wind ensemle in music by Gotkovsky, Kien, and Bazevics, Last night of the Proms in Krakow

August 2010

Content: Lindberg conducting Carmen and running Valuddsloppet

July 2010

Lindberg conducting Tchaikovsky, Rota, de Falla and Gershwin in France and performing with Helikon Chamber Trio in Portugal.

June 2010

Lindberg conducting Allan Petterson, Lindberg and Schubert with Gurzenich Orchestra, world Premiére of Lindberg´s Tuba Concerto with Nordic Chamber Orchestra, Lindberg in Beijing with Taipei Chinese Orchestra, recording of Pettersson Symphony no 1 and 2 with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra

May 2010

Content in this video: Lindberg conducts Stenhammar´s huge cantata "Sången" in Stockholm, Sibelius Symphony no 2 with Het Gelders Orkest,  Sibelius symphony no 1 with Tiroler Sinfonie Orkester, He also performs his own Helikon Wasp and Sandström´s Echoes of Eternity with Jörgen van Rijen.

April 2010

Content in this video: Christian Lindberg conducts Musica Vitae on tour in Norway, the release of Lindberg´s compostitions Visions and Non Thoughts and Vid Sista Udden for the Swedish Radio Choir on Caprice Records, reivews of his new Dvorak CD, and the first Pettersson CD with Nordic Chamber Orchestra, work in progress: Memories from a Cloud for Brassquintet and Orchestra, Midvinter for Bandoneon, Trombone and Piano and Windows to Autumn for Woodwind Quintet

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Lindberg in Taiwan                 Lindberg in Theatre           Helikon Wasp in Krakow Quicktime        Quicktime                   

Lindberg plays Pärt         Trombone and Piano Quicktime   Quicktime 



Christian Lindberg writes for Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Jan 2006 first version       World Premiere Sept 2006 Quicktime                 High Medium Youtube