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Lindberg´s music had plenty of colours and spunk...the lamentation of Lindberg´s score was memorable indeed.
The London Times

Not since the Vaughan-Williams´ tuba concerto has there been such beautiful melodic writing for a brass instrument
Chicago Sun Times

Lindberg underscored his credentials as a serious conductor with a barnstorming account of Sibelius´s Second Symphony...
The Guardian, London

You could stick a kazoo in his hands,
and he’d sell the concert hall out

The New York Times

Lindberg as a conductor was a tremendous experience. Nothing is left to chance in his hands.
Review German conducting dèbut Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie

He led a performance of Sibelius´ Second Symphony
that I never expect to hear bested

US conducting debut, Phoenix Symphony Orchestra

…totally in harmony with Tchaikovsky´s own intention with neither excesses nor understatements, but with the passion always present.
Dagens Nyheter

Successful with restrained force, earnestness and psychological calculus, a masterful performance by the highly ambitious conductor Lindberg.
Südwestpresse, Stuttgart

Lindberg is an accomplished composer and the
Concerto was the highlight of the evening

World Premiére Tuba Concerto

He gives classical music a completely new face.
With the lightness of a ballet dancer he created a light,
crisp and fresh interpretation.

Conducting Debut Lahti Symphony Orchestra

The next time this marvel is in town, don´t stay away
The London Times

...a force of nature. His energy and enthusiasm are unrivaled and he understands how to establish an instant connection with an orchestra.
Hans Verbugt, Royal Flemish Philharmonic

His body language is part of his success…the car industry in Scandinavia might be in crisis, but when it comes to music can only say: Respect Old Swede!
Nürnberger Zeintung




SEASON 2018-2019 and 2019-2020




 13-19 May Conducting Colorado Spring Philharmonic

Christian Lindberg: I am very much looking forwards to ending the season with this great symphony orchestra in a program of Sandström Echoes of Eternity, Ravel Bolero, Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, L Mozart  Trombone Concerto.

 22-27 June: Jury Member of the Tchaikovsky Competition, St Petersburg

Christian Lindberg: Immensely proud to be invited to judge in the Tchaikovsky Competition this year! Looking forwards hearing the next generations classical music artists!

1-17 July Conducting Israel NK Orchestra ”When the Public Decide"

Christian Lindberg: The program ”When the Public Decides” is a collaboration with The Israel Opera. Music Ry Rossini and Mozart, as well as the audience´s choice between Mendelssohn Italian, Schubert 5, Beethoven 7 and Haydn "The Clock".

19 July Naples: Recital with Roland Pöntinen and Love Derwinger

Christian Lindberg: Looking so much forwards to the recital together wiith my two favorite panists Roland Pöntinen and Love Derwinger. Among other things a brand new arrangement of Stravinsky The Rite of Spring,

22-26 July Masterclass Schelswig-Holstein Music Festival

Christian Lindberg: This will be the third time in a row that I make this "Masterclass from Hell" with 8 active students plus as many passive as possible. You can apply for an active position at the class by preparing an unedited  youtube clip of a 5-7 minute long solopiece, either alone or with accompaniment. Best of luck!!

1-3 August: Conducting Kiev Virtuosi Symphony Orchestra

Christian Lindberg: The great cellist Dmitry Jablonsky contacted me after a concert in Tel Aviv asking me to conduct the wonderful Kiev Virtuosi Symphony Orchestra in his festival in  beautiful Gabala, Azerbadjan. It was originally meant to be my holiday, but the orchestra and place was so exciting that I could not resist. Program: Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no 2, my own Mandrake in the Corner and  Shor Misical Pilgrimage. 

4-31 August: Holiday

Christian Lindberg: Holiday

1-9 September: Daily Routine at Valudden

Christian Lindberg: To be able to handle this varied and extensive schedule I am regularly locking days off to prepare for composing commissions, recitals and conducting events coming up.

10-23 Sept Conducting Israel NK Orchestra