CHRISTMAS TREAT NO 7: Did you know that the English-language lyrics for Deck the Halls were written by the Scottish musician Thomas Oliphant? They first appeared in 1862, in volume 2 of Welsh Melodies, a set of four volumes authored by John Thomas, including Welsh words by John Jones (Talhalarn) and English words by Oliphant. The repeated "fa la la" goes back to the earlier Welsh and may originate from medieval ballads. The first known publication of the melody "Nos Galan", is from "Musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards"(1794) by Edward Jones:


CHRISTMAS TREAT NO 7: Did you know that the Símon Bolívar Symphony Orchestra just came back from a very successful tour of Russia? Their first concert in Moscow with music by Beethoven and Stravinsky received stunning reviews and ovations from a spellbound russian audience. We are therefore extremely proud over having them as our artists on European Gramophone in THE OVERTURE OF THE OVERTURES, GUILLAUME TELL, as well as Sandström´s amazing concerto for two trombones and orchestra.


CHRISTMAS TREAT NO 6: Did you know that Christian Lindberg has perfomed Sandström "Motorbike Concerto" more than 700 times? And Sandström´s second trombone concerto "Don Quixote de la Mancha" more than 300 times! Sandström´s Double Concerto "Echoes of Eternity" has an even bigger potential to beat those two, since it is specifically written for Lindberg as conductor/trombonist featuring the solo trombonist of each orchestra! Here it is with the magnificent solo trombonist of Símon Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Pedro Carrerro, that is featured together with Christian Lindberg. ENJOY IN FOUR DAYS!!!


CHRISTMAS TREAT NO 5: Did you know that rumors tell it that Rossini was so fond of food, and so fat, that he lay in his bed composing most of the day, putting the manuscript-paper on his belly while composing, throwing them one by one on the floor, and when his butler came with the food that he ate in his bed, he told him to pick them up and take them to the copyist.


CHRISTMAS TREAT NO 4: Did you know that almost every member of El Sistema in Venezuela knows, or at least has known once in their life, Rossini´s Overture to Guillaume Tell by memory? Christian Lindberg remembers one of his lifes greatest musical impressions back in 2012, when he heard 4 different orchestras within El Sistema playing Beethoven 9, Prokofiev 5, Tchaikovsky 4 and Handel Messiah all by memory! The concert where this live recording is from was one of the highpoints of Christian Lindberg´s musical experience3s as conductor!