Lindberg Video Clips


            Conductor                 Trombonist                Composer            NCO in Asia

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Christian Lindberg early video clips

Early Presentation               A Motorbike Odyssey            Classical Concertos Quicktime        Quicktime        Quicktime  

Lindberg unaccompaned         Csardas by Monti             Sandström Don Quixote Quicktime        Quicktime        Quicktime    

Lindberg in Taiwan                 Lindberg in Theatre           Helikon Wasp in Krakow Quicktime        Quicktime                   

Lindberg plays Pärt         Trombone and Piano Quicktime   Quicktime 



Christian Lindberg writes for Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Jan 2006 first version       World Premiere Sept 2006 Quicktime                 High Medium Youtube


Video Diary
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