Recital Programmes

1 Love, Death and Bandidos - Trombone and Piano

"Next time this marvel is in town, dont stay away!" This is what the London Times wrote when Christian Lindberg and Roland Pontinen played the recital LOVE, DEATH AND BANDIDOS, in Barbican Hall in London. Lindberg has performed this to audiences up to 2000 people in Musikverein, on tour in Japan, in Taiwan, Germany , Italy and South America.
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2 Pipes, Bones and Bolero - Trombone and Organ

In Tokyos Suntory Hall, Oslo Concerthall and Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, Christian Lindbeg and organ virtuoso Gunnar Idenstam played this highly popular recital programme. Lavanguardia wrote after the concert in Barcelona: "The Swede Christian Lindberg, who has managed to bring in the trombone as a soloinstrument in the great international concerthalls, and his companion Gunnar Idenstam, know that surprices is something that works in their act. They master this tool into perfection. To see Lindberg is a complete spectacle."
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3 Bach, Bikes and Barracudas - Trombone and Tape

Lindbergs one man show has created a sensation in many countries. From Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, to Tokyo Opera City Lindberg has performed this programme, including Bach Solo Suite nr 2 BWV 1008, his own spectacular Bombay Bay Barracuda for trombone and tape, and Sandstroms theatrical piece "A Short Ride on a Motorbike"
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4 Four Centuries with the Trombone - Trombone and Piano/Harpsichord

This was Lindbergs international recital debut programme in London, including original music for trombone by Frescobaldi, Michael Haydn, C M von Weber, Saint-saens and Berio. The London Times wrote at the debut: "It is rare to hear a recital devoted entirely to the trombone, and rarer still to hear one of such ingenuity and excellence as that given by Christian Lindberg. He took up a baroque instrument for introductory pieces by Cesare and handling with subtlety and fluidity what seemed, in his hands and breath, almost improvisatory sequential patterns and delicately pointing the details of their artifice. For Michael Haydn there was the alto trombone, its warm, elegant voice melifluosly proportioning each nuance of timbre and dynamic in Haydns Andantino, and displaying remarkable control. The trombones potential for both beauty and comedy had been exploited indeed, in the theatrical clowning, brilliantly brought off, of Berios Sequenza V."
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5 Condor Canyon - Lindberg and Swewind Quintet

Montserrat festival, Musikfestspiele Saar and Maribor Festspiele are some of the places where Lindberg has created success with this group from his own orchestra, Swedish Wind Ensemble. The programme include a spectacular arrangement called A Night at the Opera, Lindbergs own Condor Canyon and a tribute to the three trombonists Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Jack Teagarden.
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6 Invisible Dialogues - Lindberg and Spanish Brass

The collaboration between Lindberg and the only full time brass ensemble in the world today, Spanish Brass has been a huge success. A commission by the Spanish composer Juan Colomer and Bach Toccata and Fugue in d-minor are included in this programme.
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7 Transformation - Lindberg with Saxophone Quartet

Two chamber music festivals commissioned the highly successful theatrical piece for Trombone and Saxophone Quartet by Sofia Gubaidulina, called Transformation, dedicated to Christian Lindberg. Other pieces premiered for Saxophone Quartet and trombone by Lindberg are Jan Sandstroms Wahlberg Variations and Fredrik Hogbergs Kit Bones and the Rascher Bunch, both pieces of course included in this spectacular programme.

8 Gipsy Kingdom - Trombone and String Quartet

Lindberg has performed with the Vertavo Quartet, the Arditti Quartet and the Yggdrasil Quartet to name a few, and the repertoire has grown to become quite exciting for the comination. Included in this programme is Lindbergs own Gipsy Kingdom, as well as music by Bent Sorensen and J G Albrechtsberger
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9 Trombotubrevalkmah - Trombone and Percussion

Lindbergs piece Trombotubrevalkmah, written in 2005 for trombone and percussion, based on solos from the orchestral repertoire for trombone, has an athmosphere of a fairy tale. This programme, based entirely on contemporary repertoire, would probably have broken down the walls of Jericho....

10 Bebop Variations - Trombone, Trumpet and Tape

In the beginning of the 90:s the British composer Chris Sansom wrote the high powered piece Bebop Variations for trombone, trumpet and tape. This programme also include a fanfare by Christian Lindberg, Tintomara by Swedish composer Folke Rabe, and Fredrik Hogbergs spectacular piece Kit Bones and Old Ed/Hawk Hardon.

11 Doctor Decker and the Sausage Society - Lindberg with Trombone Quartet

Lindberg wrote a number of wild pieces for one up to five trombones in the late 90:s and beginning of the millenium. These pieces in combination with arrangements of Bach Toccata and Fuge in d-minor, Beethovens Equali for trombone quartet and more, has excited audiences in the USA(Texas), Britain(Wigmore Hall) Italy(Stresa Music Festival) and many many other places.

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