List of Works

Christian Lindberg started composing at the age of 39, and the day after his first major composition Arabenne for trombone and strings was premiered he has been busy with commission after commission. Today he is fully booked up with commission contracts up to 2012 from major orchestras and festivals around the world.

cl 52: Cardiac Treasures for Oboe/English Horn and Strings

Dedicated to Christians brother in law Bela Tarrodi.
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cl 51: Kundraan and the Arctic Light

This piece was commissioned by the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra, and premired at the new music festival in Dublin 1 March 2013.

CL50 Lighning over Kythhnos for Wind Quintet and Orchestra

Commissioned by The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, this piece received its world premiere in April 2012 and was dedicated to the Stockholm Philharmonic Wind Quintet. The piece received standing ovations at the premire and Thomas Anderberg wrote: "With its violient character and raphsodic form the piece gave the impression of a symphonic poem" Excerpts from the piece can be seen at the following youtube clip:

cl49 Peking Twilight

Commissioned by the Norrkping Symphony Orchestra for their 100th anniversary this piece received its premiere in April 2012. The main Swedish Newspaper SVD considered it the highlight of the evening, and it received an instant standing ovation at the premiere. Excerpts from the piece can be viiwed on the following Youtube clip:

cl48 Troorkh in Memoriam

Concerto for Big Band
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cl47 Creeping Out of the Muddeded

Concerto for Saxophone, winds and Percussion
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CL46 Panda in Love, Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra

Dedicated to ystein Baadsvik this piece was commissioned by Nordic Chamber Orchestra, Ume Symphony Orchestra and Vsters Sinfonietta. The piece received stunning ovations and reviews at the premire in Sundsvall, Sweden and is about to be recorded for BIS-records with Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra in January 2013. Excerpts can be seen in the following Youtubeclips:

CL45 Memories from a Cloud

Commissioned by The Stockholm Chamber Brass this piece received its premiere in Linkping September 2010 and later also was performed at various places, including Amsterdam April 2011. The piece is in four movements and excerpts form the piece can be seen on the following youtube clips:

CL 44: Windows to Autumn

This 18 minute long piece for Woodwind Quintet was commissioned by Nordic Woodwind Quintet ,and was premiered in Sundsvall Sweden September 2010. It received stunning ovations and reviews at the premiere, and has since been played by numerous ensembles, recently with San Sebastian Wood Wind Quintet at Maramon Matin. The piece is based on poems about autumn by the composer himself and can be read during the concert inbetween movements

CL 43: Suite from Galamanta

This piece was made specifically for Christian Lindbergs final CD with the Swedish Wind Ensemble called "Brainrubbish". The piece is build on themes and motives from Lindbergs 45 minute long dramatic work "Dawn of Galamanta" the piece can be downloaded in 24 BIT Studio Quality on the following link:

CL 42: "The Wild Rose" for Narrator and Chinse Traditional Orchestra

Commissioned by the Taipei Chines Orchestra, this piece received its world premiere in Taipei December 2009. Immediately after the premire it was recorded on BIS records.

CL 41: Kundraans Karma for Narrating Trombonist and Chamber Orchestra

Nordland Music Festival commissioned this piece that received its premiere in August 2009. The London Times wrote: An evening that ended with Blue jamming into the midnight sun, had begun with the Festivals featured artist, trombonist Christian Lindberg, playing, conducting and narrating his new composition, Kundraans Karma, specially written for the festival. Its the central panel of a trilogy (the first was heard at this years City of London Festival) in which Kundraan makes a journey towards Lucifer and his poisoned whisky over a bridge, and onwards to a land which knows no compassion. The musical parable has a Strindbergian intensity and Lindbergs lungs are legendary. Somehow he finds the breath to tell the tale, play trombone music of huge virtuosity and conduct the Bodo Sinfonietta all at once. Its an explosive mix! Hilary Finch, The London Times
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CL 40: Dawn of Galamanta

Commissioned by Share Music Sweden this 45 minute work of music drama received its premere at the Stockholm Central Station. In 2012 it received its British Premiere at City of London Festival. Piece is included in the following Youtubeclip

CL 39: The Waves of Wollongong for nine trombones and orchestra

Commissioned by the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra this piece will receive its world premiere on the 30 March 2009, and has since been performed a number of times with Christian Lindberg. Latest was in Carracas with Simon Bolivar orchestra, and in May 2013 Lindberg will conduct it in Melbourne. Youtube clips:

CL 38: Mr Hammersmith in Heaven

Commissioned by Helsinki Philharmonics, Leipzig Radio Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra and Pedro Carneiro. At the premiere in Gewandhaus the piece received 6 minutes of standing ovation, and it has been performed widely around the world with several different percussioneists.

CL 37: Visions and Non Thoughts for Trombone and Mixed Choir

This piece is commissioned by the Swedish Radio Choir and will be premiered 15th of October 2008

CL 36 Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra

This piece is commissioned by the Verdi Orchestra of Milan and will be premiered on the 18th of April 2008

CL 35: Kundraan for Trombone and Strings

This 20 minute long piece is commissioned by the Trondheim Soloists and will be premiered in April 2008

CL 34: Vid Sista Udden for Trombone and Mixed Choir(2007)

This piece is commisioned by the Swedish Choir Society and will be dedicated to Eric Westberg and his vocal ensemble
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CL 33: ASA for Electric Violine Trombone Amplified Strings and Harpsichord(2006-2007)

Commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra for the IBM-Adventurous tour september 2007. ASA is inspired by the religon of the Vikings....
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CL32b: BRAINRUBBISH for Wind Orchestra(2007)

Commissioned by the Royal Flemish Orchestra this is an extended version of the piece I wrote for Spanish Brass.
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CL 32a: BRAINRUBBISH for 15 Brassplayers(2006-2007)

A commission from the Council of Alzira, Spain, this piece was premiered in July 2007 in the Alzira Festival. It was a true pleasure to conduct 15 of the worlds greatest brass player in this piece, a piece where I used these virtuosic players in the wildest possible way...
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CL 31: OF BLOOD SO RED for Chamber Orchestra(2005-2007)

This is my biggest work so far. A 27 minutes kong concerto for orchestra, based on a poem by August Strindberg....
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CL30: Chickabone Checkout for Trombone and Orchestra(2003-2006)

The commission I got from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra I decided to dedicate to my dear friend Charlie Vernon, But at the same time the piece is a tribute to the city Chicago...
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CL 29: Trobotubrevalkmah for Trombone and Percussion(2005-2006)

This piece was commissioned by the Stresa Music Festival and dedicated to the trombone player Giuliano Rizotto. He premiered it together with his wife, the timpanist of Verdi Orchestra Milano, in the 2006 edition of the Stresa Festival.
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CL 28: Marfa pa Hamnoy for Trumpet, String Quintet and Piano(2004-2005)

I played and conducted my own piece Arabenne in the Hardanger festival 2003, and was asked by Stig Nielsen if I could write a new piece for their next festival. I accepted a commision of a piece for trumpet, string quintet and piano and built it around by dog Marfa that I used to go walks with a whole summer that I spent in Hamnoy, on Lofoten in Norway...
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CL 27: Akbank Bunka for Trumpet and Orchestra(2004)

Commissioned by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra this was dedicated to Ole Edvard Antonsen. The critic wrote: " There are echoes of Carl Nielsen in the brittleness of the harmonies, though never in a derivative sense. No matter what references Lindberg slips in - quirky shades of orientalism or riotous explosions of jazz - the music maintains its strong sense of purpose."....
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CL 26: Vivencies for trombone quartet(2004)

In Denton Texas I met Carol Jarvis from group Bones Apart, and she asked me if I would write a piece for their group. I heard them play and got really excited over the commission and accepted immediaely.
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CL 25: Olle and the Steamboat Jetty for Euphonium and Orchestra(2004-2005)

Commissioned by the Euphonium player Mikael Andersson, this piece was by the critic of called a musical version of My Life as a Dog....
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CL 24: Joe Jack Binglebandit for Solo Trombone(2004)

Jonas Bylund has since long been a a collegue, a student and a dear friend, and it was a privilige to write this piece for is 40th birthday as a present...
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CL 23: Groundhog Mamba for trumpet, trombone and brass quintet(2003-2004)

Commissioned by the Spanish Brass this piece was taken on their 15th anniversary tour throughout Spain. Ole Edvard Antonsen, Spanish brass and myself, made the world premiere in April 2004. Groundhog Mamba is a name that is just meant to give abstract can go many ways if you have great fantasy!
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CL 22: The World of Montuagretta for flute and chamber orchestra(2003)

This was commission from the Swedish Chamber Orchestra written for the magnificent flute virtuoso Sharon Bezaly. The piece is inspired by a documentary on BBC about travesti, a film that moved me a lot.
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CL 21: Helikon Wasp for conducting trombonist and orchestra(2003)

The International Trombone Festival 2003 was held in Helsinki, Finland. Together with the Helsinki Philharmonic the International Trombone Association commissioned this piece from me. It was premiered in august 2003. The piece has narration from the conducting trombonist, and this is one of the phrases: "Helikon Wasp, is a funny, funny little creature. Yes! He is, he a funny little...creature! But...he can...he can sing...and he can PLAY!!"
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CL 20: Concerto for Winds and Percussion (2003)

The former president of The World Association of Symphony Bands and Ensembles(WASBE) Tim Reynish heard my piece Arabenne, and decided to commission this piece for their biannual festival, held 2002 in Jonkoping, Sweden.
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CL 19b: Behac Munroh for Trumpet Trombone and Wind Band(2002)

The wind band version of this piece was a commission from the Norwegian university, and premiered together with the Norwegian Marine Band during a festival in Horten.
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CL19a: Behac Munroh for trumpet, trombone and orchestra (2001-2002)

This piece was a commission from the Sion Festival, Switzerland, where I was artistic director in 2002. The piece has extremely virtuosic parts and has been subject for a short documentary on Arte France, made together with the Verdi Orchestra of Milan, Italy.
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CL 18: Condor Canyon for trombone and brass quintet (2001)

My third commission ever, and a piece where I tried to be as economic with motives as possible. My composition mentor Jan Sandstrom had told me that this very often means better end result, and I tend to agree....
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CL 17: Gipsy Kingdom for Trombone and String Quartet (2000)

The wonderful Vertavo quartet commissioned this piece from me for the opening of their new concert serie in Frimurerlogen in Oslo, and was premiered in september 2001....
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CL 16: ...ty solen ar uppe, for male choir and narrating trombonist (2000)

This was my second commission ever. I got it as a result of the world premiere of Arabenne, the day after, when meeting Gunnar Jansson from the Lunds University Male Choir. ..
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CL 15: Octopus Panda for Trombone and Organ (2000)

This piece was written for the re opening of the Palau in Barcelona and premiered together with my friend Gunnar Idenstam.
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CL 14: Bombay Bay Barracuda for trombone and Tape (1999)

This piece was a commission from Swedish Television. The premiere took place at Skansen at 23.57 on the 31st of december 1999, so it was the last world premiere of the millenium, and broadcasted live for Swedish television channel 1.
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CL13: Time for Surgery for trombone quartet (1999)

A continuation of the piece Doctor Deckers Daydream. Here the dentist are in full action drilling and bending to get the tooth out....
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CL 12: Catmania for two trombones (1999)

In Salzburg festival there was a cat...the cat started to influence me in a weird way...I started to dream funny dreams resulting in this piece Catmania.....
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CL 11: Under the Pillow for trombone quartet (1999)

There is a moment just before you fall in to sleep when you hug your pillow and enter the land of dreams...
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CL 10: Kokakoka for Solotrombone (1999)

My first proper piece for Solo Trombone. Or, to be honest...solo trombonist accompanied by his own foot...and his own voice....
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CL 9: Salute to a Sausage Society for Trombone Trio (1999)

Is there a sausage society in Hungary?? Well..if there is one, here is a tribute to the members! I love sausages and would be tempted to follow the example of the doctor in Fawlty Towers: I am a musician and I want my sausages....
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CL 8: An awfully Ugly Tune for trombone sextet (1999)

To write ugly music is not as easy as it seems...Jan Sandstrom gave me a hard time during my studies on this subject...he thought that in this particular piece I had succeeded....
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CL 7: Doctor Deckers Daydream for Trombone Quartet (1999)

A little burlesque inspired by a horrible experience that my wife had with a dentist...
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CL 6: Kinky Creatures for Trombone Quartet (1999)

When creating the ensemble Trombone Unit 2000 we needed music to play, and I was eager to write...
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CL 5: Fafner Fanfare for Four Frogs for Trombone Quartet (1999)

A short and simple piece for trombone quartet that I wrote for Sven-Erik Eriksson, Hakan Bjorkman, Jonas Bylund and me...
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CL 4f: Mandrake in the Corner for 2 Trombones and Brass Band(2002)

Ian Bousfield and I was asked to do a trombone weekend together at the Royal Academy of Music. James Watson was the initiator of this festival, and ased me if I could make a version of Mandrake in the Corner for two trombones and Brassband. James was conducting at the premiere...
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CL 4e: Mandrake in the Corner for Trombone and Brass Band (2001)

A brassband in Scotland asked me to do this version for trombone and brassband. It recieved its premiere at the Edinburgh festival....
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CL 4d: Mandrake in the Corner for two trombones and orchestra (2000)

When performing with the RTVE orchestra in Madrid, the trombonist in the orchestra asked me if we could play something together. I decided to make a version for two trombones and orchestra of Mandrake in the Corner...
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CL 4c: Mandrake in the Corner for Two Trombones and Wind Band (2000)

It was my friend Jonas Bylund who asked me to make this version of Mandrake in the Corner for two trombones and wind band, a version that he and I premiered at a trombone festival in Germany...
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CL 4b: Mandrake in the Corner for Trombone and Orchestra(2000)

The wind band version of this piece received an instant standing ovation at the premiere, and I was asked to make an orchestration for symphony orchestra....
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CL 4a: Mandrake in the Corner for Trombone and Wind Band (1999)

A study piece that I wrote basically to learn how to compose on a computer. In the middle of the piece it reminded me of one of my heros from childhood, Mandrake the Magician....
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CL 3: Los Bandidos for Trombone and Piano(1998)

I had just built my studio at my peninsula Valudden, went streight in to write something...what came out was this little strange and energetic piece for trombone and piano....
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CL 2: Arabenne for Trombone and Strings (1997)

My first serious piece of music. I worked for two years on this piece, and was really not sure if it would be worth anything...however I was happy enough with the piece to premiere it, and now it has been performed more than 200 times.
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CL 1: Drei Ecke for Solo Trombone(1995)

A short encore piece that I wrote in my brothers flat in London. The piece is based on the Carneval of Venice, but certainly does not sound like it....
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